Monday, August 20, 2007

Painting, Sailing and and Flying

I've decided to continue the home renovations that I started at Easter. Since I left 3 rooms unpainted, I thought that now was the time to change that! So, today i put the first coat of two colours in the girl's room, and I'm not so sure about it... It's just yellow and a light brown, but I don't know. I think it makes the room look smaller... Anyway, can't change it now!

After having a shower, as there was almost as much paint on me as there was on the wall, I realised that I hadn't brought my movies back to the rental place yet. I still had an hour left before they closed, so I quickly changed, and umbrella in hand to tackle the rain I headed outside. Now, it had only been raining for about 10 minutes, but the rain was already collecting quite nicely. The water on the road was level with the sidewalk and the sidewalk had a good 3 inches on it. After getting thoroughly splashed by someone obviously driving too fast, I had to cross the street. My pants up to my knees were already pretty much soaked,so i didn't think there was much point to rolling up my pants. I took two steps off the curb and lost my flip flop! I thought about putting it back on, but instead i grabbed it, kicked off the second one and crossed over bare footed! (the horror!) I thought I would take this opportunity to move my car closer to my house before it floated away, so I dove into my car, dropped off my movies and hydroplaned my way back home. Sailing down the river of my street in the boat that is my car!

Also by way of news, I have a flight ticket back to Canada! I will arrive in Toronto on Sept 13th at 12:20pm and I will be there until Sept 18th, and I will arrive in Edmonton at 6:30pm. So you'd all better be there to meet me! Just kidding, you don't have to. :) I will be in Alberta until Oct 21, so if you want to see me, email me, phone me and make sure you get your chance! I'm very popular! No, I'm not, but I do want to make my time as full as I can, and while the day timer is mostly empty at this time, I can't promise that it will stay that way! I want to have a BBQ at some point because I miss beef! Let me know what date would be good for you, and if you'd like to be the one to host it! :)

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