Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Convoy of Hope

So, just this weekend we hosted the Convoy of Hope. This is an organization that works alongside churches in order to help them reach their mandate to serve the poor and needy in their communities. So, they sent us a truck full of canned food (soup, baby food, some desserts...) and a team of 20 people from the US to help.

The truck pulled in at about 9:30 Saturday morning, and between the 20 Americans, 10 people from church, 10 guys from Teen Challenge, some kids from the street and 15 people from the Catalyst Leadership Training program, it took us 7 hours to unload the truck.

We passed package after package of canned goods as an assembly line from the parking lot into the VBC building. After lunch, we loaded up 2 vans and took 2 trips to deliver some of this food to various social institutions in the city, like the homeless shelter and the deaf society. I was on this team.

While we were out delivering, the majority stayed behind and packed individual packages to deliver door to door, which we did on Sunday after church. That was really great to be a part of... taking the church and the american team, and going together to minister to our community. Showing them that we aren't just out to serve ourselves, but others. Showing them the love of God in a practical way. We shortened church and made this distribution a part of the service. It was great.

One really cool story that I can tell you about this distribution, was when we made our delivery to a home for homeless families (or just mothers) with children. The boys from this home came out to help us unload the van, which was so cute. But, as we were there, the director told us that right at that moment, these families had nothing to eat. That had we not come, they wouldn't have had anything. Wow.

As we were going door to door, we met with many types of people: those who were angry and didn't want anything from us, those who turned us down, others who cried and recieved it gladly, and those who rushed the van, calling their neighbours to come and take a parcel.

Please pray that God will use this event to bring people closer to Him.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


OK... I know you have all been waiting in deep suspense about what is happening over here. So, I shall keep you waiting no longer!

About the church, we are still at the VBC Business Centre, Miro was able to procure a massive space heater, which will serve us well for now anyway. But, this is still just a Band-aid over a much bigger issue. They have still decided not to allow us to stay beyond December, so... keep praying!

In other news, I am moving! I have a new apartment, 2.5 rooms, 85m2, newly renovated, close to the centre of town and .... for a little less money! Woo! I just signed the contract this morning.I take possession on the 14th of Nov, but I prob won't actually move until the 21st/22nd - I have my current apartment until 3. Dec. So I can take my time with moving... here are some pics of the new place that the realtor sent me.