Thursday, July 05, 2007


What's this????? Is it another revolution??? Is it a movie star?????? No... it is Robo Kazik and Mrs Clementova!! They are performing (separately of course) at Nitra Days! A celebration of Cyril and Methodius.

It's amusing to me, they are celebrating something so remarkable in the funniest way... You see, Cyril and Methodius were two of the first missionaries to ever be sent out from Rome, and where did they go? Why, they came here! Not just to Slovakia, but to Nitra in the late 800's! These two men introduced the Glagolitic alphabet, which was the base for most Slavic languages still in use today (with adaptations...)

They translated the Bible, as well as other Christian texts. They had thier own Bible School and after their deaths, their pupils carried the Gospel into the corners of Great Moravia. Because they were based in Nitra, the people here are very proud of their heritage. So proud, they are completely closed off...

Now, don't get me wrong, Robo Kazik and the others are great people, very popular amoungst the older generation, and well known by everyone. But this whole week, where there has been many traditional dances, traditional food, traditional songs, traditional handiwork... I have seen very little, hardly any actual mention of these two men and what they came here to do. So tonight, I walked amoungst these people, and I prayed over as many as I could. That they would see the true light, and the true God....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


In the past week, I was very privileged to have many visitors from abroad! First came David Boyd, my Regional Director, who came in from Germany for a few days. During his visit we visited with some of the leaders in Bratislava and Nitra, including the Bishop of the Pentecostal church here. We also had some good time to talk about how things have been going, and some advice for the future. In regards to the cafe, he really encouraged me to find a business partner. Someone who would share the vision, but who would be better gifted in areas related to math and money. I have one person I am considering, but we'll see! :)

Also, I had a visit from Annelies Bronder, who is from my home church back in Sherwood Park. Annelies came just for fun, and we did have fun! I even took her to one of my lessons! She was only here for a couple days, but she can't say she was bored! Good times.

We also had a visit from two missionary ladies from the States who are serving in Moscow. It was also fun to hang out with them a bit around the city.

There was also a young man who joined us for a few days as well, Reed. Reed came from the USA to film a film for NLI about what is being done here in Nitra, but also in other cities around the country. He also made his way around 6 other countries in Europe. Anyway, we got to hang out with Reed a lot this week, and it was a lot of fun!

Later this week I am expecting a visit from another Canadian friend, who hails from the Western seaboard. Looking forward to that visit.

Tomorrow I am heading out East, to Kosice, where we are having our National Youth Conference. It really fires up on Friday, so keep us in your prayers!