Monday, September 25, 2006

I Lied...

Well, after that lovely post about IKEA being expensive... I went out and bought a bunch of stuff there anyway! I found that it WAS expensive, but the alternative wasn't that nice, or wasn't that much cheaper... and Ikea was just so convienient! I could buy almost everything I neeeded in one place! How can you argue with that?? So, I stocked up my car full of various things and I have just finished putting it all together! I need to clean a bit, and then I'll send you more pictures. Also, my beds just got delivered the day b4 yesterday! No more sleeping on the floor! We have a team here from Oregon, and they helped me assemble them. I'm glad they were here because I couldn't have done it without their help.

Still waiting around for classes to start... I'll be teaching in the firms, and they haven't gotten back to us when they want to start. So, we're just waiting around for their call. Trying to take advantage of the time I have while I have it. To do stuff like find a TV and internet service for my house! :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Working Girl

Yeah! I have a job! I had an interview on Monday, and they'll take me! They're want me to teach Businesss English (woo), and perhaps also, get this, Slovak for Foreigners! What a hoot! It'd be fun though. School starts in October, and they're also going to help me out with my TESOL hours - bonus!

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Apartment

Here's the pad! I'm hoping to move in maybe on Sunday or Monday of this coming week. I've been furniture hunting in the mean time, but you know, IKEA is not cheap here. It's crazy expensive! There was one couch that I had my eye on, it's beautiful! But it costs $1280! That's half my budget for furniture! And I can get a similiar one for less than half that cost! Yah, so very little will be bought at IKEA unfortunately!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Church in Nove Zamky

This is a snidbit of church in Nove Zamky. This was actually my first sunday back, but I just figured out how to add video!

The Red Angel

This is the Red Angel... my new vehicle! It's a SEAT (pronounced say-aww-t... kinda like at the doctor) I just got it this morning! Seems to drive alright, and I am slowly but surely getting used to driving a) a standard and b) in Europe! But actually, the standard part isn't as bad as I remember from my youth. No bunny hopping... a little screeching of the tires though. But then people just think I'm obnoxious and they don't suspect that I am just learning again! At least, I don't think they know... :)

I also have a contract to sign a contract for a lease of an apartment. It's absolutely massive. I seriously don't know what I will do with all that space! It's a big house that was made into 4 apartments. So I only have 3 neighbours. We have a fenced in yard with a gate, the other 3 people have a little garden plot, but on my little plot, they built a garage. So no problem parking for me! the apartment has 3 big bedrooms (one will be the living room/church location), a kitchen with a dischwasher and a decent freezer, a pantry, a storage room, an area for an office, a hallway, a big bathroom.... you get the drift. I should be able to move in on the 15th or so. It won't be furnished apart from what I've already mentioned, so I will have to buy... everything! But yes, there is an Ikea in the country... the only one is in Bratislava... not too far away! I'll send pictures once I have them!

Monday, September 04, 2006

God Doesn't Exist in Canada...????

I heard that comment a few years ago from a girl who went to Canada to study from abroad. She had been having a hard time entering into worship in Canada, and for the first little bit, she was uncertain if God was in Canada. Of course, this was not said in all seriousness, as this girl knew very well the omnipresence of God. This weekend, I finally understood how she felt.

I went to a Concert of Prayer and Praise in Bratislava this weekend. There were a couple hundred people there from all churches all over the city and the region, who had all come for one reason: to worship God. It was incredible. We stood there in this hall, praising the Lord together with one voice, and His presence was so heavy in that place. I felt as if my heart would burst. In a good way! :) Such presence like that I haven't felt so rich in a long time, and it consumed me. For that reason, I have come to Slovakia. We were many, but how many more have yet to come? That is the day I long for.