Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yet Another Wedding!

This time it was the Komarno church planter's turn to get married! Slavo and Edita tied the knot on Sat.

Aren't they pretty? :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh be careful little mouth,.....

Events of late have caused me to reconsider how much I learnt at Bible College, and I have begun to think if I shouldn't go back. I was at my friend's house, we were four girls there. We were just hanging out and laughing and such, and we decided that it would be nice to pray for each other before going home. So, we start to pray. I am the second to pray, and I'm just pouring out my heart in prayer for Edita, when she bursts into laughter. "I'm sorry I couldn't hold it any longer!" Cold realization sets in for me, as I am now sure that I have said something wrong. Christina, instead of saying, "Lord thank you that you will never leave her...", said, "Lord, thank you that you will never FORGIVE her.." The difference between these two words... one letter. One letter, world of difference! Time to go back to Bible School!

This brings to my mind another experience that I actually wasn't witness to, but heard all about it! After Campfest, we all drove back very late at night. I didn't get back till 4am, and Mark arrived at 7am. They took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong side of the country! So, on their adventures in the car of trying to stay awake, Mark told me of this story. He was sitting in front with Boris, a couple of the youth were in the back. THey were having a really good worship time, English and Slovak both mixing and interchanging... beautiful. Mark cries out, "Pane, nikto neni ako ty!" (Lord there is none like you) to which Boris replies with all his heart, "Yes! No one likes you Lord!" This is the point in the story where Mark bursts into laughter. So hard that he cannot even drive! He pulled over into a gas station, where everyone literally falls out of the car onto the ground laughing.

Good times.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Painting, Sailing and and Flying

I've decided to continue the home renovations that I started at Easter. Since I left 3 rooms unpainted, I thought that now was the time to change that! So, today i put the first coat of two colours in the girl's room, and I'm not so sure about it... It's just yellow and a light brown, but I don't know. I think it makes the room look smaller... Anyway, can't change it now!

After having a shower, as there was almost as much paint on me as there was on the wall, I realised that I hadn't brought my movies back to the rental place yet. I still had an hour left before they closed, so I quickly changed, and umbrella in hand to tackle the rain I headed outside. Now, it had only been raining for about 10 minutes, but the rain was already collecting quite nicely. The water on the road was level with the sidewalk and the sidewalk had a good 3 inches on it. After getting thoroughly splashed by someone obviously driving too fast, I had to cross the street. My pants up to my knees were already pretty much soaked,so i didn't think there was much point to rolling up my pants. I took two steps off the curb and lost my flip flop! I thought about putting it back on, but instead i grabbed it, kicked off the second one and crossed over bare footed! (the horror!) I thought I would take this opportunity to move my car closer to my house before it floated away, so I dove into my car, dropped off my movies and hydroplaned my way back home. Sailing down the river of my street in the boat that is my car!

Also by way of news, I have a flight ticket back to Canada! I will arrive in Toronto on Sept 13th at 12:20pm and I will be there until Sept 18th, and I will arrive in Edmonton at 6:30pm. So you'd all better be there to meet me! Just kidding, you don't have to. :) I will be in Alberta until Oct 21, so if you want to see me, email me, phone me and make sure you get your chance! I'm very popular! No, I'm not, but I do want to make my time as full as I can, and while the day timer is mostly empty at this time, I can't promise that it will stay that way! I want to have a BBQ at some point because I miss beef! Let me know what date would be good for you, and if you'd like to be the one to host it! :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Another Trip to Romania

Yes, I have just come back from two weeks in Romania. And although I was in Romania, I was in a Slovak town with Slovak people and I spoke in Slovak the entire time I was there. It was weird. But good! There is a girl here, Damaris, who studies here at the university (who's moving in in the Fall) and she is from Romania.

She invited me to come and meet her family and to go to a camp (Christ 4 Romania) with her and her friends from church. So I did! We spent a week at her house where I got to meet her 5 neices all under 8 yrs. To hang out in the park, climb up the steeple of the church, go to her church, meet her family and get to know her world. Week 2 we crammed 12 people into a 9 seater van, and all our stuff and went to the mountains for camp. It was nice, living in a tent, bathing in the river,

experiencing some reflexogy treatments or so we thought as the road to the Big tent was covered in these big rocks which just killed your feet.

It was really cool to be amoungst 4000 youth and just praise God together.

Yes, I did learn some Romanian while I was there. Really important stuff like Aici la mine (come here to me), Si eu asa (me too like that), La sa (whatever), Eu sunt din Canada (I'm from Canada), Merge cu noi? (are you coming with us?) Look! I'm fluent!! Ha ha! Like I said, I was with Slovaks...

It was a good time, I'm glad for it. I got to meet new people, make new friends, become better friends with Damaris, encourage a few of those I got to meet, to be encouraged as well.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Another long awaited update....

I am realising that my Blogging fervour has faded, but I have been convicted and am henceforth blogging again! Since we last talked, I had a good friend of mine from Vancouver come to visit. It was SO good to see her again, and to spend some time together. Korinn stayed for a week and a bit, and it was wonderful. She moved into the girls room, as they are gone for the summer, and it was just as if she had moved in. It was great! We had some really good talks, and some not so good, but needed talks about some of the challenges in which we both live.

We also decided to take a trip to Prague, as she had never been there before, and I just like it! We stayed at the Hotel that I went to before when I went to translate for that couple in Hungary. It was fun to see them again, they are so sweet!

We had some nice adventures there: going for supper in Poland just cuz,

laughing it up with the Czech border guards,

searching for the perfect picture of Charles Bridge,

touring the city with funny Czech guides, "Go Radek!"

getting lost and found again, "I think that was our exit...",

laughing at the people clapping at the astronomical clock,

the Pozor signs,

waiting outside the hotel while ringing the buzzer and waiting for the night guy to wake up to let us in at one in the morning,

taking pictures through the cracks in the walls,

spitting on people from the tower

...just kidding

spilling juice in the Afghani resturaunt,

the hunt for good tiramisiu - followed by great disapointment. I was also on the lookout for good Medovnik (honey cake), and it was dry as a bone. I have thus come to the conclusion that Czechs don't do dessert like Slovakia, or other countries around here for that matter. Oh, and a little violence, I took a whack at Korinn's head with my sun roof handle... it just flew right off!