Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Being Evicted???

Alright, so yesterday afternoon, my landlord was standing in my driveway with 2 other men. Strange I thought, but whatever. I walked up to them with much apprehension and my landlord said, "Oh hello, I am so glad that you are here. We want to talk to you. That man there is an Austrian, and he will pay double what you are paying for this apartment. You're not able to meet that are you?" She then proceeded to tell me that I would have 2 weeks to move out. She mentioned that the other man with the Austrian is a realtor and he would be more than willing to help me find a new place, as well, she also owns another apartment in town which I could also check out and move in immediately.

At this moment in time, I was actually on my way out to take a friend to the airport, and we were already late in leaving. So, I was trying to recover from this gut-wrenching event, while driving on the highway. Not fun. I have since looked at our contract, and, as it turns out, they have to give me 2 months notice and according to the law, it should be 3 months. I am really hoping this doesn't get ugly. Part of me just wants to go and maintain the peace. So, I am looking for a new place for me and my roommates to live...

My apartment was a huge blessing, not only to me, but to others as well. Also, my rocky relationship with my neighbours has really improved over the past few months, which was very encouraging to me. But, this just goes to show again, that we cannot hold on to anything of this world too tightly, and to always be prepared for whatever could happen. Over this past year, I have come up against challenge after challenge. From my car breaking down, to being a victim of fraud, to my computer crashing... and God has shown Himself faithful again and again, and has showed me that He IS taking care of me. I believe that this will be another case of this.

Pray for me.

Goodbye to the VBC

Sigh... this past Sunday was our last Sunday at the VBC Business Centre. After refusing to turn on the heating for us for the winter and not to allow us to stay beyond the end of December, Miro decided that it was best for us to go now. We have pregnant mothers and small children, and it is simply too cold already. So, Miro is on the search again for a place for us to meet. He is also looking into a long term solution as well, buying, as extraordinary of a project that would be, it is looking like more and more the direction God would have us walk in. Please remember us.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The dreams we dream

This was the theme of our first club this semester, which happened yesterday! We had a full house which was great, and I think everyone had fun!

We watched a couple inspiring videos about a couple young people who had dreams, who worked against adversity, and who saw their dreams come true.

We talked about the dreams we have, what is preventing from dreaming BIG dreams, why people give up on their dreams and even the point behind dreaming at all.

Liz talked about how she had a dream to open a music school, and about how hard she worked in order to achieve her dream. Then, just as things we starting to really go well, she was asked to give up this one dream in order to achieve an even bigger dream. But the fulfilling of her bigger dream meant closing her school and going into a new area of her life that was less certain and required a lot more faith in God in order to stick with it.

Then we talked about whether or not our dreams were worth fighting for, at what cost. Also, if they would be willing to sacrifice their dreams for someone or something, and of course, what happens when our dreams don't come true.

Here are some pics from the event: