Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Car Update

After 4 months of waiting, I finally have my car back! The repairs were significantly cheaper than expected, how often do you get to say that about taking the car to get fixed???!!! But, at the same time, there is a sense in my spirit that I shouldn't become too attatched again to this car. And many people have been advising me to sell it now while I still can. I think I am going to listen to that voice of reason. But, that also makes me sad... I still have very little funds, not enough to buy another car. Can I go without for an undetermined amount of time? I don't know. But God is faithful, and I think I am just going to have to trust in Him. I know He won't disappoint me or fail me.

Early Summer Update


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Car Update

Tommorrow the car is being towed away to another shop. The one shop, which has been running tests and diagnostics for the past couple months has given up trying to find out what the problem is. They are 90% sure they know what the problem is, but finding that used part has turned out to be next to impossible. So, they have thrown in the towel. They told me that I had only one option left: take it to the dealership. So, tomorrow I will tow it there.

At first I didn't think that it would even be worth it to fix the car, that I could just sell it for parts and get a decent price. Well, that has turned out to be less of a reality than I thought. I was laughed at when I told someone how much I thought I could get it for parts. And it's also more complicated than just a simple sale. So, if I can fix it and sell it right away, that would be the easiest way, and I would also get a better price for it.

So, no more Seat Ibiza for me! I have managed to get by so far by walking everywhere or taking the bus. It has worked so far, but my ministry outside the city has pretty much ground to a halt. I haven't been in Nove Zamky since April when we had a team here who had rented a car! There have also been missed opportunities to serve others, and I have needed to fall on the mercy of others who have cars. Like I said, God has been faithful and I have managed to get by, but I am feeling the need to be more mobile again.

Hence, I have launched a fundraising campaign in order to be able to buy a new-to-me car! I am aiming to buy a 2-3 yr old Skoda Fabia or Oktavia Combi. They are readily available and parts (should I ever need them) are close at hand since they are made in the Czech Republic and cheaper too. They are also a very reliable car, and I have been encouraged to buy one by many people. That or the VW Polo 5... but, unless the Lord opens the Heavens of provision, I will probably aim for the Skoda! :)

Please watch the video here to learn more about this fundraising campaign, it is very different (I have very creative friends who share their ideas with me!) and very interactive. Yes! I need you! Please watch!

Red Guitars

Again, I have abandoned the blog for a god period of time... sigh... I wish I could be better! I don't even have any pictures to show you because my camera broke awhile ago, and I am investigating if it can be fixed. No word yet...

For the past couple months, I have been attempting to learn how to play the guitar. One of the remaining remnants of things left behind in my house since church was here, is Milan's red guitar. It sat in my living room for a very long time, until I finally said that I was going to use this opportunity to learn how to play! So, my friend Betka taught me my first two chords at Christmas time. So, I was glad for my two chords, but we never could quite get it together after that (I was shy to ask) to get her to teach me some more. So, a couple months ago I downloaded chord fingering charts and found some songs and began to teach myself. A month after that I asked Martin, who leads worship at church if he would meet with me. So, every Saturday I take the bus up to Klokocina (one part of Nitra) for an hour lesson, then I have to run to catch the bus back down! And last night, was my crowning achievement... I played in our small group meeting and it wasn't a complete disaster! Have no illusions... I lost my rhythm a couple times, I fumbled the chords a few times, but, all together it was really good! We worshiped and God was glorified even in my weakness!

Also, I've been able to make some new friends! Through the St Catherine's team, we met Marian, and through him, I've been introduced to a whole network of people! Marian works with an organization called AIESIC, which is an international internship program. AIESIC also has a close relationship with ERASMUS, which is a student exchange program. So, I've met people here in Nitra, from all sorts of backgrounds: Spanish, Turkish, English, Slovak and others! They're a great group of people and we have a lot of fun together. I've also had some chances to share the Gospel with a few, a few have come to church and one came to small group last night! Some of them have been believers, and so it's been good to encourage them in their walks as well. It's been a blessing so far and I believe God will use this relationship to open more doors to share Jesus with others!