Thursday, March 27, 2008


During the time that we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, I am marvelled by a new form of new life that I was able to celebrate this Easter. And that was the resurection of my laptop!!! After being cut off from the land of the technologically connected for a whole month, I am pleased to announce my return! And not only were they able to restore my laptop to me (complete with new hardware) they were also able to save my data!!! I am SOOOO thankful for that! There were so many things, precious things, files that represented hours of my life that were not backed up (which are now!) that I thought were lost forever, that have now been restored! Praise God!

Also, for Easter, I was very glad to host my friend Anne Wahl, from Weingarten, Germany. Anne was one of the youth that I worked with during my internship in Germany way back in 2003. After 5 yrs of seeing each other, it was really wonderful to have her here. For Easter weekend we took a little trip up to the mountains, I wanted her to see the nicest parts of this country! It was so incredible to reconnect with an old friend and over Easter as well! I thought it was a little ironic that it was at this time that she chose to come. 5 years ago, I spent Easter with her family! It was also good to brush up a bit on my German, which was a frustrating endeavour... trying to find it in the attic of my brain! But I was glad to re-discover my hidden vocabulary!

As far as an update on my car is concerned, I he last time I called my mechanic, I asked him if there was any hope for the car, his response, "ooo... I can't say..." So, needless to say, it doesn't look good. Because I use my car so much for ministry, and because of the precious cargo (people) that I usually carry in my car, a reliable car is on the wish list! Stay tuned for more details!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Technology Hates Me :)

This month hasn't been a very good one for me as far as technology is concerned. Both my car and my computer have rebelled against me!

In my last blog entry, I wrote about my car and how the air hose had holes in it. Well, apparently that was the least of my worries! The actual problem in the car has yet to be discovered! At first they thought it was the ignition coil, but after that was replaced, the problem persisted. Then they ran more tests and found that the part which functions as the central computer of the car was broken. A new part will cost big money, so they are trying to find a used part, but the ones they have been trying on the car actually haven't worked. So, needless to say, I need a new car! :) Please pray that God can provide for this need of mine!

My laptop also decided not to work, but that, at least, was under warranty. I nearly cried when they told me my files couldn't be recovered... but let this be a lesson to us all... back up files! Fortunately I burned all my pictures from 2007 onto discs in Jan, so I have that much as a consolation. I have been almost 3 weeks without a computer...

No car, no computer... I'm crippled! :)

I think that it has a spiritual tie though... is it a coincidence that the 2 things I use most for ministry are out of commission at the same time??? And is it a coincidence that this happened just as we began intensively praying for and planning University outreaches? Hmm... I think not! Please pray for us!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Regional Conference and MacGuyver

This past weekend was our Regional Conference for the whole western part of Slovakia. We had people from all over the place coming in! It was held in the Culture House, in an old theatre room, where we filled it with young and old people who wanted to seek the Face of the Lord! This years theme was Mission, and everyone was challenged to live a life of mission. Living in purity, passionate for God and actively praying and witnessing in our areas of influence, as well as abroad. It was great. The only thing that put a damper on the conference for me, apart from the rainy weather, was the fact that my car broke down on the way there!

My air hose has about 6 holes in it now, all repaired in a MacGuyver fashion... using the first aid kit in the car to patch up the holes to get us to where we needed to go! We also prayed it in to Nove Zamky. It must have been a site to see... 3 girls in a car, speeding up and slowing down (based on the cars ability to breathe) praying in tongues and prophesying over this car in the rain. A journey which should have taken 40 min took us 2.5hours! But God got us there, that I know because we couldnt even drive out of the parking lot after the conference, even with all our repairs! Amazing.

If you would like to see how we are growing in Nitra, check out this video...;9745991;/fileinfo.html