Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First Sunday in Nitra

Well this past Sunday we had out first Sunday evening service in my living room! We had 5 families present, myself included. I am my own family unit! We had a good time of sharing a part of our journey's and had a really cool time in prayer. We prayed for each unit separately and each time someone recieved a prophetic word or a vision for that family. The picture that was recieved about me was: There is a stream that is flowing all around, just a little stream. And here I am with my hoe hacking at the ground making a path for the stream to go. That I would find someone, see their need, and make a path for part of the stream to flow to that person. And on I would go... and when you look at the stream from above, all you can see is blue veins all over the place. But it's going to happen one at a time... Cool, eh?

Also, if you could pray for Miška. She is my colleague from the language school, I had the coolest experience with her the other day, sharing the Gospel with her. She was totally engaged and interested in knowing all about it. She kept asking all these questions or making the best comments. For example, we were talking about how we are born with sin, and our inability to fulfill the requirements of the law, she said, "That's not fair! There's no way I, or anyone could ever do that!" "You;re right," I said, and continued to talk about Jesus... it was great. She didn't make a decision at that moment, but boy, you can tell she's hungry! Please pray for her!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Only in Europe

I was travelling to Bratislava the other day to go to Ikea and buy a coffee table. On the highways, the speed limit is 130km/hr. I was going 150km/hr in the fast lane, and not feeling like I was going very fast at all. When up comes behind me a Mercedes, flashing his lights wanting me to pull into the other lane. He goes shooting past me, and I thought... only in Europe! I mean, I have NEVER gone that fast on the highway in Canada! And I was like a slow moving tractor to Mr.Mercedes! Funny. In Canada I feel like a pretty fast driver, here I feel about normal. Ahh... a country made for me! The only time I feel like I'm going fast is when I'm alone on the smaller roads going 120 km/hr...