Sunday, August 27, 2006


Yea! I am finally back in Slovakia! I arrived Thursday afternoon, and it was interesting... My pastor never got the email with my flight info on it, so he wasn't there! Good thing for me, I had sent the same email to my friend who lives in Budapest, and she came to the airport. She helped me to get to the train station with all my stuff!

I am buying the car of Jojo Brenkus - he and his wife are leaving as the first Slovak missionaries ever, heading to India. There are some legal issues though, so please pray for me.

Also pray for an apartment for me. The one I was really interested in turned out not to be furnished, not that nice and way too expensive. So, starting again from scratch. Beautiful.

Zuzka's wedding was absolutely beautiful. Everything was perfect. I cried. :)

If anyone ever wants to call me, my number is 011-421-915-851-492

Friday, August 18, 2006


Well, the countdown is on... I have 3 more sleeps till I leave for Toronto, 5 more sleeps till I am on the plane headed to Budapest and ultimately, Slovakia. 5 days and I will be crawling into my lumpy bed, blowing off the dust from the shelves of my apartment, and planning to move to a new city.

The past couple days have been uneventful, since I packed a week ago... there isn't much I have left to do. Pack up the stuff I use everyday, and the stuff I am not taking with me. Today was a great day... I went to the church and helped them set up and paint for our elementary VBS next week. I'll miss it. Shucks... I'm really heartbroken over it! :) Later tonight I'll join some good friends for dinner, and then Big Brother at Vanessa's house! I have to admit, I have become hooked on Big Brother. Condensed anthropology in a contained enviroment. It's like a anthropology course in fast forward!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Flight Info

If anyone is wanting to come to the airport, I am leaving on WestJet flight to Toronto at 16:00 (or 4pm if you don't know 24 hr clock!) So that means I am at the airport at 14:30, going through the gate at 15:00. I want to make sure I have a lot of time to check in and get my bags on the plane. With all this foolishness going on in the world.... and you can never be too early to check in! Hope to see you all before I get on that plane!

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's About Time!

Guess who has a departure date??? Oh yes! That would be me!!! I just got work from HQ today that I am good to go on Aug 20. I will stay in Toronto for 3 days for a conference on partnership development and then off to Slovakia I go on the 23rd! So, 16 days and counting!! I am very excited. But continue to pray as I am still short on funds. We're hoping that funds will continue to come in after I have left. Yeah! I am so excited!