Monday, August 06, 2007

Another Trip to Romania

Yes, I have just come back from two weeks in Romania. And although I was in Romania, I was in a Slovak town with Slovak people and I spoke in Slovak the entire time I was there. It was weird. But good! There is a girl here, Damaris, who studies here at the university (who's moving in in the Fall) and she is from Romania.

She invited me to come and meet her family and to go to a camp (Christ 4 Romania) with her and her friends from church. So I did! We spent a week at her house where I got to meet her 5 neices all under 8 yrs. To hang out in the park, climb up the steeple of the church, go to her church, meet her family and get to know her world. Week 2 we crammed 12 people into a 9 seater van, and all our stuff and went to the mountains for camp. It was nice, living in a tent, bathing in the river,

experiencing some reflexogy treatments or so we thought as the road to the Big tent was covered in these big rocks which just killed your feet.

It was really cool to be amoungst 4000 youth and just praise God together.

Yes, I did learn some Romanian while I was there. Really important stuff like Aici la mine (come here to me), Si eu asa (me too like that), La sa (whatever), Eu sunt din Canada (I'm from Canada), Merge cu noi? (are you coming with us?) Look! I'm fluent!! Ha ha! Like I said, I was with Slovaks...

It was a good time, I'm glad for it. I got to meet new people, make new friends, become better friends with Damaris, encourage a few of those I got to meet, to be encouraged as well.

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