Saturday, August 04, 2007

Another long awaited update....

I am realising that my Blogging fervour has faded, but I have been convicted and am henceforth blogging again! Since we last talked, I had a good friend of mine from Vancouver come to visit. It was SO good to see her again, and to spend some time together. Korinn stayed for a week and a bit, and it was wonderful. She moved into the girls room, as they are gone for the summer, and it was just as if she had moved in. It was great! We had some really good talks, and some not so good, but needed talks about some of the challenges in which we both live.

We also decided to take a trip to Prague, as she had never been there before, and I just like it! We stayed at the Hotel that I went to before when I went to translate for that couple in Hungary. It was fun to see them again, they are so sweet!

We had some nice adventures there: going for supper in Poland just cuz,

laughing it up with the Czech border guards,

searching for the perfect picture of Charles Bridge,

touring the city with funny Czech guides, "Go Radek!"

getting lost and found again, "I think that was our exit...",

laughing at the people clapping at the astronomical clock,

the Pozor signs,

waiting outside the hotel while ringing the buzzer and waiting for the night guy to wake up to let us in at one in the morning,

taking pictures through the cracks in the walls,

spitting on people from the tower

...just kidding

spilling juice in the Afghani resturaunt,

the hunt for good tiramisiu - followed by great disapointment. I was also on the lookout for good Medovnik (honey cake), and it was dry as a bone. I have thus come to the conclusion that Czechs don't do dessert like Slovakia, or other countries around here for that matter. Oh, and a little violence, I took a whack at Korinn's head with my sun roof handle... it just flew right off!

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