Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This past weekend we had a youth conference for the western part of the country. Our theme was Code 1:8 genetic code for a generation of mission. It was really good. There were a lot of young people who responded to the challenge of living a life of mission. Mark Holdcroft talked about how the phrase "secular job" should be banned from the english language, and how we should live like Joseph, seeing everywhere we are as a mission feild. Sheldon Armitage talked about how God wants to kick us out into action! Miro Toth spoke about the 4 rings of mission (jerusalem, judea, samaria and the ends of the world), and about leaving our comfort zones. We also spoke about the empowering of the Holy Spirit, and one of the girls from my small group in Nitra got baptized in the Holy Spirit! Woo!