Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Forest

I decided to go for a walk yesterday and I tried to find a quiet spot.
Not that easy when you live in the city centre! It seemed that no matter where I went, there was either the sound of cars or music blaring from somewhere. So, into the forest I went! Actually, it was just along the path to go up to the mountain,but the way I positioned myself, it felt like I was deep in the forest! And because it had been raining, the blaring music got turned off. I really just wanted to hear from God in nature. I used It was a nice time to be alone and to ponder. When I was a little girl, we lived on an acreage, and, at that time, we didn't have too many neighbours. So that meant, lots of forest, hills, and swamps for us to play in! We used to build forts out of fallen trees or branches. I used to also make tents out of a bedsheet, a board and some rocks, and I'd sleep out there at night.

Well, until Mom called me in because of the bear! :) I used to climb trees, and have all sorts of wild adventures in those woods with my brother and our little friends from down the road. I used to go out there alone sometimes too, on one of my runaway attempts(where I couldn't leave the subdivision) or just to get away. There is something about just being in nature, it makes me feel closer to God. To clear my ears of the noise from traffic, and to listen to the wind as it blows through the trees. To fill my nostrils not with exhaust but with the scent of after the rain. To listen to the music of birds in the trees, than the latest pop hit. To allow the Lord to speak to me and show me new things through the beauty of His creation.

My Mary Poppins moment

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