Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Adventures

In my attempt to use the warm weather to the full, and to become a bit more active. My friends and I have recently purchased rollerblades. There is a path along the river that is nice to go down and one other road that we have heard about but have yet to investigate further. I was hoping to use the rollerblades as an alternate form of transportation within the city, but i don't think that will be very safe. The sidewalks here have lots of cracks, missing chunks, and bubbles caused by the heat. On the first day after buying these, I decided to try it out. I went to the grocery market. All was good and fine in the recently renovated, newer area of town. But the area around the traffic circle,... was not so nice and I nearly wiped out left right and centre! Note though: nearly wiped out. I managed to keep my feet under me! So i've decided to stick to the trails and maybe the main roads, but only at low traffic times of the day! :)

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Jenn A said...

I love this picture, Christina! I moment of utter terror!