Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Go Team Canada!

Canada beat Slovakia tonight in a preliminary game. I only saw the last our of the game because I was leading at our small group meeting. But, as soon as we had finished, I went to the bar! I managed to find a spot where I could kind of see the game! It wasn't nearly the same though. Everyone else was cheering for the wrong team! And I was afraid to be identified... so I only had a couple small flags on my purse. I didn't want to be a hockey canada martyr! :)

Please pray for me... I was given "just one more document" to obtain for my visa. It should take about 3-5 days, but let's pray that a) it's really all I need and b) that it comes faster! :)

Eye spy with my little eye.... do you see what I see??? Oh yes, an Alberta plate! How can that be??? Some people use foreign plates in addition to their own because a) they bought it from abroad or b) it looks cool. But i've never seen a Canadian plate, and an Alberta plate at that! How funny!

I also have another wedding this weekend...


marta said...

hey christina, slovakia has a problem s with canadiens only one day a year {hopefully we are not playing with you anymore} , when they are beaten. no wory any other day you are more than welcomed here :} said...

hey christina - just a quick encouragement from spain - hang in there! it will come. sheldon is now approved officially for his slovak perm res. you too will get there! and it's soooooo worth it, eh! two countries of residency... be blessed. a+s+m