Monday, March 05, 2007

A Ski Trip

This week is spring break gere in Slovakia, so we piled in a whole bunch of youth and young adults into a bus and away we went on our annual ski trip. I decided to be a little ambitious, and rent a snowboard. I've always wanted to try, but never went often enough to justify it. So, I was without excuse this time! So, I arranged for everything, rentals and the like and prepared myself for this ski trip. At church on Sunday I wanted to find out who else was going. So I would ask, "So, are you going on the ski trip?" "Yes, of course." was the reply. "Are you going to ski?" I asked. "NNNOOOO!!!" it was said in such a tone, not to be angry, but shock that I would ask such a question. The vast majority of us on this skiing trip are not actually going skiing or snowboarding. Nope. They;re going to just hang out. That struck me as odd, but it's just too expensive. But they don;t want to miss out on the fellowship, and the worship that we all share here. Please remember us in prayer. Last year we had a baptism, and I am believing that this year will also be a powerful time. We have a number of non-believers, or back slidden Christians on this trip, and i am trusting the Lord to use us as vessels of salt and light into their lives. Each night we will also have a worship time and a teaching. So please, remember us!

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