Thursday, March 01, 2007

Foreign Police

So, I got a very nice phonecall yesterday. Whilst preparing to go back to the Embassy in Hungary, I decided that I would try and phone again. Just in case the Minister hadn't approved me, or if he hadn't replied yet... so i wouldn't go down there for no reason. Well, the Consul had very good news for me. I didn't have to apply in Budapest, I could do it all at the police station in my town! Woo hoo! So I went down this morning, but of couse, they didn't have office hours today. So, another snag, but no problem, I'll go tomorrow.


Dawn said...

I thought you were going to say that instead of going to the consulate you were arrested. Your story ended on a much happier note than I had expected. That deserves a big Woot! Woot!

Christina Chaput said...

Dawn, I was all the more cognicent of your experiences. Visions of a similiar experience were floating through my mind. "NO! Don't black list me!!!"