Friday, March 02, 2007

Excuse me???

That was my reply today when I went to the Police station. After sitting in line close to an hour, she looked over my documents and told me that my medical examination wasn't sufficient. I had gone to the doctor in Nove Zamky, where she sent me for blood tests, x-rays, the works! Then she collected these results and compiled them onto one nice little peice of paper. All for which I paid good money. "sorry, General Doctors can't do these tests." "But she sent me to specialists." "General Doctors cannot do these tests. You have to have one of these pre-approved doctors test you, and have them write this specific sentence." All I could hear was the flushing of the toilet with my money going down it!

So, I have to go for more tests and get more papers, for which need other papers... and more money. Beautiful. The funniest thing though is this, to get my self-employment papers (so I can teach english) I have to have proof that I;ve lived in an English speaking country for more than ten years. Passport doesn't count. Neither does my drivers license, or my birth certificate. I laughed and I asked them how I could possibly do that! To which I was told that I have to write myself a letter. "I hereby proclaim, Christina Chaput, a Canadian citizen, was born in this place on this date. This is my passport number and I have lived in Canada for the past 25 years. Signed, Christina Chaput." And that's my proof.

I hope that by reading these exerpts from my life, that you would all have a greater appreciation and understanding for missionaries globally. Such are our lives... and I'm new to all this! But to think that I;m going to have to repeat this year after year... (sigh)


ladyyvonne said...

OOOHHH Christina....Sigh!!!! Big Hugs!!!! Life is always an adventure!!!
Bless you!

Josh said...

Hey Christina,
I just found your blog again after a bunch of months - so I have some catching up to do yet. It's too bad that things are going so rough right now with the legalities, but God's still in control, so keep up the good fight!

Erin said...

Christina, how frustrating! Hopefully it will all get resolved soon and at least you'll know how healthy you are when all the dr.'s test are done :)