Sunday, January 28, 2007

Miracle Child

A couple weeks ago, a church planter here in Slovakia was in his car with his family travelling home when they were in a major car accident. All of them were spared, not one life was lost, but there were some injuries. Miro, the father, walked away with only minor injuries, as well as their infant son. But Mom and their two daughters did not fare as well. I'm not sure what injuries Mom sustained, but I know that since that time she also became quite ill and is still in the hospital. Their eldest daughter damaged her back, and is in a back brace. She is back to school, but can either only stand or lay flat, so it's difficult for her to study, and to live in general. Their youngest daughter, Miriam, was sleeping when the accident happened and when she woke up from her coma two weeks later, all her hair was gone, as they needed to operate on her head. Her right side was non-functional, but is has been returning to her. Her right eye, which they said would be blind, is able to see, although with some difficulty. Her spirits were incredibly low, you can imagine the shock... going to sleep and waking up completely a different person. But her spirits have been steadily improving, and her health is improving also. We know that it is in direct connection with all the prayers that have gone up on their behalf. Please continue to pray for this family, as they are still under a lot, and a lot more things still need to happen.

She is pictured here with her father, Miro. They came for a few minutes to the NLI church planter training in Zvolen just this weekend, and we took the opportunity to pray for them. If you can also notice Pastor Al there, my former pastor from Sherwood Park, he was the one giving the teaching. It was such a joy and a blessing to see him again. It's always great to see friends from home over here. I wish more people would do that!


tiffanie said...

Wow...the faithfulness of God astounds me! Hope you are doing well Christina. i'm asking ian about you all the time. looking forward to seeing you again!!

ladyyvonne said...

Wow...awesome...we have been praying as well as others. I'm glad for the update. Al had sent some news too.