Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It is beginning to look a lot like.... Christmas??

Yes, it was looking a lot like Christmas yesterday. Because yesterday, unlike at Christmas, it snowed. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the snow didnt stay. It was forcasted to snow all day yesterday and today, and tommorrow it should go down to -15 C. To this, I laugh and say HA! For one, because it didnt snow today and I highly doubt that it will get that cold by tomorrow. It"s 3C today. I don"t think so. And secondly, because if it did, that"s still a world better than what I imagine it"s like in Edmonton!

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ladyyvonne said...

The snow is following Al...He saw snow in England. It is +8 here today and we had some rain!! Now in Slovakia snow...HeeHee!!! I wonder if he'll get it in Romania too! Funny!