Thursday, January 25, 2007


Well it seems that the weatherman was incorrect. The snow that came didn't even last the night. It is colder now, but maybe just under 0 C. So much for predictions.

Please pray for my neighbours, they don't like me much.


Dawn said...

Why don't your neighbours like you? There has got to be a story behind that simple sentence and I will be haunted.. HAUNTED.. by it until I get details.

I owe you an email - a month late already by my expectations. We will see how my tiny human cyclone treats me today and if I can sit down at the computer long enough to get that done.

Anonymous said...

Are you covering your neighbors lawn with snow angels? Or maybe out making snow cones too early in the morn?
I am thinking of taking TESOL and coming to teach English in Eastern Europe. Good idea? Can you aid me in my thought process. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Chrystal