Friday, January 12, 2007

Back to the Grind...

Well, after two weeks of holiday (it's nice being a teacher!), I am back to the grind... at least, I think... So many of my students have cancelled their lessons, each day I am curious as to how it will all turn out.

On Jan 6 I had the awesome experience of watching Jeff and Mirka tie the knot. It was so beautiful! They got married in a castle, how awesome is that???

A true Slovak bride... on the phone!

I also had some good times with Meagan while she was here. She was in Romania for her internship, and she came up for the wedding. But, using my powers of persuasion, I got her to come up a few days earlier. We had a lot of fun, visiting friends and seeing castles. And attempting to make crepes. Next time Meagan, I promise they'll be better!

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Anonymous said...

Tell Jeff and Mirka congrats for me