Monday, September 04, 2006

God Doesn't Exist in Canada...????

I heard that comment a few years ago from a girl who went to Canada to study from abroad. She had been having a hard time entering into worship in Canada, and for the first little bit, she was uncertain if God was in Canada. Of course, this was not said in all seriousness, as this girl knew very well the omnipresence of God. This weekend, I finally understood how she felt.

I went to a Concert of Prayer and Praise in Bratislava this weekend. There were a couple hundred people there from all churches all over the city and the region, who had all come for one reason: to worship God. It was incredible. We stood there in this hall, praising the Lord together with one voice, and His presence was so heavy in that place. I felt as if my heart would burst. In a good way! :) Such presence like that I haven't felt so rich in a long time, and it consumed me. For that reason, I have come to Slovakia. We were many, but how many more have yet to come? That is the day I long for.

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Pastor Debbie said...

I'm jealous.