Monday, September 25, 2006

I Lied...

Well, after that lovely post about IKEA being expensive... I went out and bought a bunch of stuff there anyway! I found that it WAS expensive, but the alternative wasn't that nice, or wasn't that much cheaper... and Ikea was just so convienient! I could buy almost everything I neeeded in one place! How can you argue with that?? So, I stocked up my car full of various things and I have just finished putting it all together! I need to clean a bit, and then I'll send you more pictures. Also, my beds just got delivered the day b4 yesterday! No more sleeping on the floor! We have a team here from Oregon, and they helped me assemble them. I'm glad they were here because I couldn't have done it without their help.

Still waiting around for classes to start... I'll be teaching in the firms, and they haven't gotten back to us when they want to start. So, we're just waiting around for their call. Trying to take advantage of the time I have while I have it. To do stuff like find a TV and internet service for my house! :)

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Celeste said...

haha. Well I like Ikea, it stinks that I don't have one close by! But praise the Lord for your bed and the help in assembling your bed! I hope you find what you need soon! :)