Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tomorrow is a better day...

Restless nights (not entirely sure about the quality of mattress I've been given) have so far haunted my stay here, with a few people here and there saying that I look tired. I'm praying that this is now sorted, that I've found the problem and everything will be well from now on in. This is mostly because the type of work that's going to be involved over the next week will be filled to the brim with labour jobs, as we enter the third day of MMM on Monday.

Saturday got off with a flying start, where teams were given orientation lessons, then shown how teamwork within the missions trip can lead to some truly positive outcomes. What filled the rest of the afternoon was the Amazing Race, where four teams from the Canadian missions group (plus one Slovak) competed with each other to finish first and gain the most amount of points doing it (bonus points for creating a human pyramid, catching a pigeon...). Everyone had a great time doing it, including the leaders. Fun part for us was when one of the teams beat Christina and I to a location, where we hadn't quite put down the clue box somewhere...

Sunday was a time for worship and thankfulness, with Ryan (leader of the Canadian missions group) leading in the morning and also again in the 'special edition' evening service. Throughout the day we engaged in prayer together, basing it on our prayer meetings during the week - purpose of the mission; God's faithfulness; opportunities that God provides; people and God's protection. By the end of the night, the congregation was buzzing and you could tell that everyone involved wanted to give it their all.

We finished off Sunday night by celebrating Betka's birthday. Betka is Christina's best friend in Slovakia and it was great to be involved with the making of the cake (last minute preparations included looking up a recipe on Wiki-how) and helping to present. The cake was delicious... I'm blessed with my bride to be! ;-)

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