Friday, September 04, 2009

An intense, awesome week!

Milujem Moje Mesto has successfully come to an end in Nitra! The last day consisted of a 5am start then rain, rain and more rain as our team worked around the fairground area near to the community centre, cleaning up the rubbish and general waste left by everyone the day before. Later on, Kids’ Camp had their own slot on the stage, which included singing, dancing, games and a bit of theatre thrown in for good measure. The team made balloon animals for the kids and hotdogs were given out to the nearby crowd. Throughout all of this, we prayed for the weather to ease up as we could only do so much because of the storm.

In the afternoon, the Canadian teams left to take a tour of Bratislava – taking our numbers from around twenty-five down to seven. This is when the weather really started to dry up, local people started to come out and more rides were switched on. Bags of food donated from Convoy of Hope were given out to surprised passer-bys and coffee was offered to those drenched by the miserable weather. More balloon animals were given out, more food – what seemed to be a day that was going to be a let-down was a joy by the end!

After over a week of painting, mowing, scything, cutting, digging, machines breaking down, intense heat, cementing, keeping our spirits up and imploring God to move within, the icing on the cake was when the Vice-Mayor of Nitra spoke at our church, thanking everyone for what they had done. Lessons were learnt during the week, but more importantly hearts were reached – within the team and around the community. We love our city! :-D

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