Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yeah for Other People's Neighbours

I am now no longer car-less! Yeah! My car has been successfully fixed by our Pastor, Miro's neighbour. And he charged me... NOTHING for the repair. It was nothing serious, and apparently easy to fix, but I never expected that he wouldn't charge me anything for it!

Warfare... I have declared war on my neighbours. I mentioned previously that my neighbours don't like me very much, screaming and yelling for no apparent reason... Anyway, when I came home last week to find a lock on the car gate to get to my garage, that was the last straw. He has no right to place a lock on the gate, it doesn't belong to him! How dare he keep me out of it. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went inside my house and I baked two pies. Two cherry pies from cherries I picked myself and i delivered it to them. One of them wasn't home, so I left it with a note outside their door. (I tried twice but they weren't there and I was leaving in the morning for the weekend) Revenge, the Kingdom way! :) Needless to say, my neighbours are much nicer now, and they actually say hi to me on the street now. But the lock is still on the gate...

Connections... I have a translator in Nove Zamky that I use to translate all my official documents and things. Well, through my whole legal ordeal, we got to see each other quite often. So often, that we might be considered almost friends. Anyway, one day in her office, she told me that in the past she has helped people open businesses and how interesting she found that. I, since I want to open a business, stored that away in my brain to access later. Well, that later was last week. I called her, made an appointment and saw her on Monday. She told me that she doesn't know too much about NGOs and the like, but she put me in touch with her friend that did. Her friend is a person who has actually written part of the law. Not just a lawyer, but a lawmaker. Oh my! I met with her today to find out about what options are available to us to open a cafe under an NGO. Now, I know we are miles away from actually establishing an NGO and further yet from opening the cafe. But I am trying to get as much information as possible to give to the proper people who have the power to deny or approve this project as far as PAOC is concerned. Also to prepare myself for what lies ahead, what I will need to do, what I need to learn and am I ready to do these things? It was a very exciting meeting, as she told me that she is going to start putting together some research so that we can make an informed decision. But also, she teaches law at the University in Bratislava and said that she would involve some interested students in this legal process to help me on cost. It would be for free. All the legal workings and processes, which are many.... for free. That's just incredible! This just really shows me that God wants this cafe to happen even more than I do! And I really want it! Thank you Lord!

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