Friday, June 15, 2007

Czech Me Out!

This was the logo on a T Shirt that I saw on a recent trip to the Czech Republic. I spent the last weekend up there. Why you ask? Well, as unqualified as I felt, I was asked to help translate for a Canadian missionary couple to Hungary. They have family up there and were interested in finding out more about where they came from and why. This was my first experience translating from Czech, and my first experience translating into Slovak. It was a growing experience, but a very good one! The family was so warm and friendly, even though I wasn't family I felt like I could have been! We also got to take a trip into Prague just for fun! It was nice being able to hang out with this couple's kids, which are about my age, and one of their friends. It was nice to be able to be sarcastic for awhile and actually be understood!

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