Monday, February 05, 2007


I need to ask you to pray in increasing fervency for us over here. There have been some serious spiritual activity happening, and that only mean one thing... something is happening! I have been placed in situations where I have felt the spiritual battle, and the urgency to arm myself with the armour of God and take a stand. I have also been seeing demons in my dreams, and have felt evil presences around me and in my house. My friend, Ludka, who is a professional theatre actress has been facing attacks. Last night, Ludka, Mirka, Liz and I engaged in some serious prayer warfare. Some of the most intense praying I have engaged in since being here. We were praying in such loud voices, crying, declaring, proclaiming... I shook for about 10 minutes afterwards.

Nitra is a very spiritual city, not necessarily good. I am 2 houses away from Devil's Pub. I am directly behind the theatre, where all kinds of ungodly behaviour takes place at night, I am just off the main strip for pubs. The police are on my street at least once a week. And in my house, we have church!

Don't forget us in prayer. I have such a sense of urgency in my spirit. A sense of importance. Don't forget us. We have to do battle together, to fight against our enemy which we cannot see with our eyes. But who is real in every way.


ladyyvonne said...

Will do!

Lesley Peckford said...


Vanessa Sim said...

right on it my friend . . . you have all the armor, strength and power that you could ever need - only on name away . . . JESUS!