Sunday, February 11, 2007

Košice Worship Festival

I got an instant message on my cell phone from Ludka on Fri asking if I was going to the Worship Festival in Košice (eastern Slovakia). Not having any other real plans, I decided to take the plunge and go! So, I boarded the train with about 20 other young adults from Bratislava for the 6.5 hour train ride to Košice.

It was SO much fun! It's funny that 6.5 hrs didn't seem too long with this bunch of people! I only knew a couple people before, so it was good to meet new people. What was so awesome, apart from all the silliness,

before coming into Košice, we took time to really pray and to worship together before we even got off the train! Spontaneously I might add as well! I don't think I can recall that ever happening in Canada with my friends... could be wrong though...

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When we arrived in Košice, we went to the town centre,

went for coffee at AIDA, the famous coffee shop! It's funny. People in Bratislava laugh at people from Košice who come just to go to Ikea. And people in Košice laugh at people from Bratislava who come to have coffee and cake at AIDA! Then at 5pm, the worship festival began. 2,000 young people from all over the country. Hello Holy Spirit! :)

The bands were great, but there was also something so powerful that happened while we were there... All the pastors from all the various churches in Košice prayed over each other. Then the mayor of Košice came on stage, said a few words, then all the pastors prayed for him. It was beautiful. Catholic priests, Lutheran pastors, Pentecostal pastors, Baptists... all joined arm in arm, praying God's blessing and direction over the mayor. Wow.

After the festival, we left quite hurriedly in order to catch our train back. Yes. We came and left in the same day! We got on at 10:20pm, and I got off at 5:12am. Drove for 30 min, slept for an hour, and off to church I went! Craziness?? Oh yah! It wouldn't have been too bad though, we rode on a sleeper train, so I had a bed, pillow, blanket... but did I sleep?? Not a wink! :S But I have NO regrets. NONE! I'd do it again in an instant!

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