Thursday, April 23, 2009

Discussion Club Update

In one of my last emails, i asked for your prayers regarding our Discussion club. We were experiencing a drop in numbers, but also, a drop in regular attendance. I am pleased to report that while our numbers aren't where they once were, we've gotten more people coming back regularly, which is very encouraging for us. We are able to really invest into these people and to build a strong relationship with them.

If you're curious about the content of the club, here's the recap from the last one! :)

100 years ago, it was not so rare for a person to be born, live, work and die in the same place. Now, with open borders and cheap airline tickets, the whole world has become accessible to us, and now it is more likely that people will live, study, marry and die in totally different places. The concept of "home" has now changed. This was the theme of our talk this week.

Discussion 1:
- What would cause you to leave your city? country? (wife/job/opportunity/adventure)
- Where would you go? Not go?
- Have you ever lived in another culture? What did you like? Not like? Was it hard to adjust?
- Is immigration in your family?
- What are your thoughts about immigration?
- How do you view other cultures in your nation? How has it changed your home culture/country?
- What has your experience with travel been?
- Do you have friends who are a part of a visible minority?

But, living in such a "small" world does have it affects on us. We are introduced to new things such as, jet lag, culture shock, home sickness and the like. Things that our ancestors never had to deal with. Also, the whole concept of "home"...

Discussion 2:
- How important is your nationality to you?
- How does it affect your identity?
- Have you ever experienced jet lag?
- If you live away from home, how do you relate to your friends/family back home?
- Do you have the travel bug?

Our guest, Sheldon, concluded our club by telling us about his experiences with traveling a lot for work and life. He said that for him, wherever you go, you have to know what home is for you. For him, it is where there are people who love and accept him. He could be anywhere in the world, so long as he had that. Also, being a believer in Christ has caused him to have "family" everywhere in the world, and that's a great thing!

Thank you for keeping us in prayer! :)

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