Thursday, February 05, 2009

Turbulencia and a New Home for Mozaika

Mozaika is the name of our church, and we have a new home. Oh, the history we have. Last Fall when we started meeting at the VBC, they told us, "For sure a month, maybe till the end of the year... maybe 2 or 3 years." So, at the end of Dec, they told us that Jan would be our final month. Just recently have we found a new solution. God has opened the door to us to share Krestanske Zbori's church. This is the same church where the AB Women's Team went to to wash windows! They have generously offered us the building to meet in after their services, they have also made available to us the kitchen and the rooms for the kids. This is an AMAZING blessing and answer to prayer. This is also a huge step as far as the Church in Nitra is concerned. In the past the churches haven't had a very good relationship with one another, so this offer of partnership is a massive gesture. They have always been very kind and welcoming of us, and this is one more sign of the Church of Christ coming together!

Turbulencia 009 was our first ever church family conference, where the congregations of all the churches in our network (Nove Zamky, Nitra, Sala, Zlate Moravce, Komarno)meet. In the past this has been a regional youth conference, and it still had that flavour to it. It was a great time of experiencing the Holy Spirit together. I had some really cool moments praying with various people, and the presence of God was incredibly tangible. It was great! Praise God!


Brian Rake said...

Thanks for the update... great to hear what God is doing!

Debbie said...

I LOVE that I have been in the church where you will be meeting! It makes me feel closer to you, and I can picture the church gathering in the sanctuary....very, very happy for Mozaika!!