Thursday, August 21, 2008

Christina's Summer Continues

So, it's been a couple months since I returned from Canada, and there have been a few significant things which happened.

Pastor's Camp was one of them. This year, Stephen Hertzog of Vanguard College, sponsored this camp for all of our pastors and their families. I decided to tag along for the last day and a bit. It was a really encouraging and challenging time for our pastors, as Ross Olsen and Jim Guskjolen as well as their wives came as well to share during the meeting times. I only heard good feedback from those who attended. It was also an excellent time of fellowship as well, which is always my favourite part! It was also so neat to see the kids again. 5 years ago I helped with the kids during pastors camp, and seeing how much they've grown is absolutely incredible for me.

I also had the honour of attending my good friend and former classmate's wedding here in Slovakia, Vlado and Martinka Zak. It's so wonderful to witness such an event, a dream come true.

Campfest was another of my memorable moments this summer. Campfest is an annual Ecumenical, Christian Open-Air Music Festival which takes place in the northern, more mountainous area of Slovakia. It rained the whole time we were there, creating a slew of mud. It was also not a warm rain, but a very cold one. Fortunately though, unlike friends of mine, my tent (borrowed) withstood the rain and did not flood! Apart from the weather, the musical groups were alright, although I missed a couple of the ones I wanted to see because we came a little later (we came on Friday not Thurs) and left earlier, Sat evening not Sun morn! So that was a little disappointing, but that's fine too. Overall, Campfest was fine. My favourite part is always seeing my friends from all corners of the country in one place! :)

A friend of mine, Julie Bilodeau from Ont, decided to come and visit me this summer for a couple weeks, which was really nice. We took a couple trips around the area and was a really enjoyable time. We even ventured over to the southern part of Germany where I used to attend school and also where I did part of my Bible School internship. It was so incredible to visit friends and "family", people I haven't seen in many years.

Just this week I also had a very incredible and unique opportunity. As you know, I teach English and I also translate. Up until now, my professional translations have limited themselves to documents for various different companies, such as company security measures,job descriptions and the like. Well, this week I was given the opportunity to branch into live interpreting. Now, I do interpret quite often for English speaking visitors who come to church, but this is not a paid position, and if I make a mistake, it's not the end of the world. Well, this week, I interpreted for 6 hours for a European Union Commission sent to Nitra to determine its Candidacy to become the European Capital City of Culture 2013. I interpreted for one member of the Commission individually, and everything I said carried water! It would make a difference if I didn't understand or if I did it wrong! It was frightening at worst, and delightful at best. It was nice to be wined and dined, even though none of it was actually for ME... but I got to experience it anyway. I was a part of an entourage, which also included Nitra's Mayor, both University directors, and someone from the Ministry of Culture, as well as two television stations. I actually got to interpret a TV interview! I thank the Lord for this opportunity to meet people of influence in Nitra, the European Union, as well as just the professional opportunity. I hope that this experience will open new doors and new opportunities.

Also, my cat came back after a month and a half hiatus. Amazing. Everything that was taken or challenged has been restored. My car, my computer, those who stole from me, my cat... amazing. Glory to God!


david santos said...

Really beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Christina, what a great report. Very glad to hear about the opportunities, the restorations, and the relationships. Glad you wrote about it all.

Love your friend (and DMR)