Sunday, July 13, 2008

7 planes, 14 days

I decided not too long ago to take a trip to Canada this year for a little R&R. Inspired by a wedding! One of my best friends was getting married, so, how could I not come out for that? So, I saved up my nickels and dimes and bought a plane ticket! I took 2 weeks holiday, and made plans to also see my family.

I visited my Mom in Calgary, which was really special, also because my brother, Scott, came down, and my sister, Nichole, was off work as well. So, for 3 days, we hung out, went shopping, had a BBQ and celebrated Scott's birthday early. It was the first time I've been at the celebration of one of my sibling's birthdays in... years. So that was really special.

I also went to visit my Dad, and also my home church, the Park Church. Unfortunately, the video wouldn't play... oh technology... so, if you would like to watch it now... :)

My Dad and I also took a road trip out to Glaslyn, SK. There is a wonderful church out there that I was in contact with, but had never actually met. So, it was important for me to see them, face to face. Actually, one of the women at that church went to High School with my mom!

I also spend a little time in National Office in ON, and got to spend a little time with a couple friends out there.

Then it was off to Nfld for Ian and Tiffanie's wedding. I went a few days early to help them get ready, and to spend time with the others who had gone out as well. It was a lot of fun and it was so incredibly special for me to be at their wedding. I bawled during a practice of the wedding songs, but managed to hold it together during the ceremony itself. Sniff sniff. I'm so proud of them!

If you're curious about the planes... Here's the breakdown. Vienna-Washington, Wash - Toronto, Toronto - Calgary, Edmonton-Toronto, Toronto-St John's, St John's-Toronto, Toronto - Vienna. And in there was also a bus to Edmonton, a motorcycle to SK and back, public transportation and various car rides!

It was a quick trip, but a very blessed one!

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Pete said...

Wow, that's a lot of flights.