Friday, December 14, 2007

Tis the Season

Yesterday was a chaos type filled day. Filled with preparations for the Youth Christmas Party, our first follow up event since the Danes left. We had contact information for about 15 people who wanted to keep in touch with what was going on. So we were hoping that they would come to this Christmas party. On Mon I made a trip to Bratislava to go to Ikea and stock up! We're still saving up money to buy couches, so in the meantime, I bought pillows. In lieu of lamps, candles. I brought my Christmas tree, both of my area rugs, 2 poinsettas and cookies from home. Me, Dominik and Evka were trying to make the room look as comfy and cozy as possible. We ordered pizza and waited. No one came. So, we took the opportunity to pray for the youth community and for the growth of this ministry.

But it was not for naught! Miro came, so we took it as an opportunity to celebrate the birth of his son, Natan! Natan was born yesterday at lunch time, he weighs 8.5 pounds and looks really cute. Mom is doing well, still in the hospital, taking advantage of the mandatory few days stay after birth.

Speaking of babies, our church planter in Zlate Moravce and his wife also just had a baby, his dedication was this past Sunday. Christian Alexander is this young man's name. In the picture Michal is praying for his son, together with his wife, Lubi.

Tomorrow is another big event, in my house anyway! It will be my Canadian Christmas dinner, where I invite EVERYONE and make turkey dinner with all the fixin's! Tomorrow I have 20 confirmed guests, and another 8 which haven't told me either way yet. It will be fun! I don't have a table that big, nor do they sell TV trays here... so, we're going to have it... on the floor!! Suprise suprise! I bought some nice table cloths, so it will be a sit around the table feel, only it will be a around-the-tablecloth-as-we-sit-on-the-floor feel! I'm looking forward to it. I picked up the turkey today, they killed it just for me! Fortunately it has all been cleaned and plucked, although they could have left that for me to do! It's a 17 pound bird, should be enough, eh? Please pray for this as well, as my colleagues from the language school are coming, and of course I will have something to say! :)


Sonya said...

Sorry to hear that nobody showed up to the Youth Christmas party. That's a bummer. Although, more pizza for the 3 of you. ;)

Your Canadian Christmas party sounds like it will be fun. What an ambitious gal you are! I hope you post lots of pictures. I'm just dying to see everyone sitting around tablecloths on the floor. What a creative idea!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Christina!

It sounds like you are making the best of every situation life hands you. I know your dedication will produce a lot of fruit in the New Year! Keep it up, girl! Your friends at home love you!

- Rachel H