Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Up till now...

I realise it has been ages since my last post... oops! Lots of stuff going on...

Right after I got back from Canada I got sick... not fun at all! I think it was because of my full schedule in Canada and the adrenaline that got me through it. When the adrenaline wasn't there anymore... crash! It took me a few days to re-coop but, all is well now! During that time I had a visit from David Boyd and all the District Superintendents. They came, checked it out, met a lot of people, ate bryndzova halusky and left!

Then I went to Turkey for just over a week. Checked out Istanbul for a couple days with Jennifer Lee (missionary extraordinare in Romania) and then we went to Beldibi together where we met up with the rest of the Eurasia team for a good time of bonding, discussion and prayer. Oh, and did I mention that that bonding takes place in the magical land of the Hammam! I walked away from Turkey feeling healthier, stronger and challenged.

Back in Slovakia, I took a day or so to spend in prayer and reflection... time of transition! How do I get to where I want to be from where I am... What activities should I be involved in and what things should I let others do... All that said, I no longer lead my small group, Evka, the girl who took it over for me while I was away did such a great job that we decided to let her stay the leader! In the new year we will start up a new group, which I will lead until I can be again replaced. I like that model!

I am also now volunteering in Kontakt Cafe in Levice, a town about 45 min away from here. It is a cafe that has a very similiar vision and aim and so I offered myself there to help and to learn. I go there about two or three times a week, and it is proving to be a very good learning experience. Not to mention that the staff there is GREAT!!

Last week we had a team from Denmark come to Nitra, and that was Fabulous! They did presentations in school about not being too negative or superficial, but to be positive and face our problems. They also invited the kids to the Thurs night program at the church. They presented to 500 kids, and about 800 additional invites were given in the square, and 10% of them came to the Thurs night, which was more evangelistic. 15 hands responded to the closing invitation!! Now, I know that that is not the most important thing, but it shows that the youth here are hungry!! We will be doing a once a month youth program to follow up with these youth, and get the ones who responded into more of a discipleship program.

Good stuff is happening in Nitra!!! Thanks for your prayers!!

Also, the Mini-Cafe/Youth Hang Out room is going to be furnished and set up within the next couple weeks. Funds are really short on this right now... Please, can you help?

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