Friday, September 14, 2007

Canada Again

After 12 hours of traveling by planes, train and automobiles I have safely arrived in Ontario! I will be here in the GTA until Tuesday and am having good fun here already! I am staying with Julie Bilodeau from the International Missions Office, and she introduced me to 3 Slovaks! It was wild! Here I am, Day 1 in Canada and I am having dinner and speaking Slovak. Slovaks are everywhere!

So far re-entry is going OK, dealing with jet lag which is fun. I just finished sharing with the District Women's leadership committee. I shared some chocolate and in return they let me share my heart and our vision.

It's funny, I'm hanging out at National Office, and I was expecting to sit in the foyer, and bum off their wireless. But I came in with Julie and they gave me an office. And not just an office, I have a sign on the door! Julie taped up the sign that she was going to hold up at the airport for me. One of the ladies laughed at that. "I've been working here for 10 years and I don't have that yet!"

I'm sharing at Darryl Watkin's youth group tonight in Milton Ontario. Haven't seen him since yr 2 at Bible College. Chalk it up to Facebook!

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Kimberly said...

Hi there!

Are you going to be going through Manitoba at all? We'd love to see/meet you!

Kimberly (Josh's wife)