Monday, April 09, 2007


I managed to survive today without getting whipped or soaked. This may not seem so strange for you, but i considered myself lucky! In Slovakia, aside from eating traditional food like ham and potato salad (which I LOVE!) they have some... interesting habits. It is customary for a woman's male relatives to whip her legs with willow branches woven together, and to splash water or cheap perfume on her. In return for this blessing to her fertility, she rewards them with decorated eggs, chocolate, money or alcohol. Last year I got splashed by my roommate's nephew. He was cute... but this year i managed to avoid being whipped or soaked!

Well, for the Easter weeked I decided to take on home renovation! The walls of my apartment are all white. Even the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen are white. I have been feeling like i am living in a hospital! And it finally got to me. I went out, bought about 25 litres of paint, and away i went. But the reason I miss drywall is because I had to scrape off a lot of the old paint, sanding, plastering on stuff on top... and then sanding after. All this before actually even opening the paint can! I can't recall ever doing that with drywall.. unless you had a hole... Anyway, I got to learn some new skills... although with my mudding job... I don't think I'll be getting any job offers any time soon!

I have been doing my painting alone so far, but i got a call this evening from a friend who said she'll come over to help me out! Yeah! Maybe that means I'll actually finish it before I go back to work on Wed! The house is in such a state right now, i'm anxious for it to go back to normal. Normal in a much more colourful apartment! :) Well, at least the hallway and the living room!

Today we also took the youth on a trip up the "mountain" of Zobor. It was a nice little hike, and we had a weenie roast on the way back down. It was a lot of fun! But then it was back to the painting!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Your place looks awesome Christina!! I was just thinking of colours for my new house and you have inspired me!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

The peach color looks great! You did a super job! I think your room was that color once wasn't it....?