Friday, April 13, 2007


No, I am not doing any baking. This is the name of my cat! I have had him for just over a week, and I have tortured the poor thing since I got him! He's been bathed twice, has had his nails trimmed, and today, was castrated. Poor thing. Oh well. I got him at the local animal shelter, and I think he had been neglected because I have never seen a more cuddly cat. If I pick him up, never wants to be put down. I named him Crisco because my other cat, long departed, was named Butter. I thought this was a good name to follow into the Chaput household!


Anonymous said...

awww, i love him . . . he will be good company and i like the cute name too!


Crystal said...

Christina Chaput! I think your cat is ADORABLE! I'm glad you've adopted a new little friend into your life. :) Thanks for doing such a good job with your blog and newsletters, by the way. I LOVE keeping up with how you're doin'. I miss you chick. As always, you're in my prayers -- keep living your passion! You're an inspiration. Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

the other Chrystal agrees with the above chicks in saying that i love reading your blog and connecting to you across the ocean. i love that you are painting your place, and that you now have a feline friend to curl up to. thank you for sharing that you have a newly saved friend in your midst-- that is truly wonderful. Good night!!!!!!!!!! -C

Anonymous said...

I guess you've decided to keep your newest addition, eh? Good for you, he sounds like he'll be the purrrfect companion! I like the name too - a fitting tribute to our old family feline!