Friday, August 18, 2006


Well, the countdown is on... I have 3 more sleeps till I leave for Toronto, 5 more sleeps till I am on the plane headed to Budapest and ultimately, Slovakia. 5 days and I will be crawling into my lumpy bed, blowing off the dust from the shelves of my apartment, and planning to move to a new city.

The past couple days have been uneventful, since I packed a week ago... there isn't much I have left to do. Pack up the stuff I use everyday, and the stuff I am not taking with me. Today was a great day... I went to the church and helped them set up and paint for our elementary VBS next week. I'll miss it. Shucks... I'm really heartbroken over it! :) Later tonight I'll join some good friends for dinner, and then Big Brother at Vanessa's house! I have to admit, I have become hooked on Big Brother. Condensed anthropology in a contained enviroment. It's like a anthropology course in fast forward!

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