Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Round Up from Oklahoma!

Well I just returned from the very warm state of Oklahoma! I had an absolute blast catching up with Amy, meeting her husband, Will, and just having a good time! I think one of my highlights was driving through the Oklahoman countryside, singing along to the Oklahoma the Musical, soundtrack. And then hearing Amy rap. Priceless. We did a bunch of fun activities, but I think my favourite times were just when we'd sit over coffee or a meal and just share together. Then, after these touching moments, we'd watch Fraggle Rock on DVD, play Mr. Mouth or Hungry Hippos, go garage-selling, jump in the shadow box, look at tanks, hang out at the Food Bank, experience the Earthquake room, or have our nails done by a self admitted red neck. I've got some good memories from my time in Oklahoma. No tornadoes though, sigh, perhaps next time.
Unfortunately, my fun was slightly overshadowed by some news from my family that my grandmother was extremely ill, and would not be with us much longer. So, instead of staying to itinerate in Calgary, I decided to come up to Edmonton and spend time with my family. Please pray for my family.

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Dawn said...

HELLO! I was on megs blog and noticed that you left comment, so i came to check things out! I will def keep u and ur fam in prayer and am glad you made some memories in Okie! Be blessed!