Friday, June 30, 2006

Golf Adventure

Today was my first day EVER of golfing. I mean, I've been mini golfing and to the pitch and putt, but never a real game of golf. I was invited to speak out at Seniour's Camp at Sunnyside Camp, and I was driving down with our women's pastor, Debbie Fawcett. Debbie enjoys golfing, and it was her idea to get in 9 holes before doing the missions tea at camp. So, onto the course we strutted. Debbie a bit more confidently than I.... They started us out on the 5th hole because they were a little busier than we thought. But that was just fine by me, what difference did I know? Well, it was a learning experience! Oh the patience Debbie has! Watching me as I swing and miss, chew up chunks of the fairway, I even hit a tree and inadvertently, nearly beheaded some unfortunate people walking by! I had a lot of fun though, and as hard as it may be to believe, I did get a couple good shots in. A couple. Like two. :) But it was a fun way to start the day, and Debbie and I had a good time together. Like she says, "it's all about just being outside on days like today, the golf is just secondary. It's a good excuse to be outside." (paraphrase, sorry Debbie, I can't remember your exact quote!)

So, if anyone needs an ego boost and wants to go golfing, give me a call!

Oh, and didn't Debbie take a fantastic picture of me making a drive? :)

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Lesley Peckford said...

I told you! Isn't golfing awesome! I really enjoy it too :) It is so relaxing...quite the stress reliever. :) Anyways enjoy your golf times :)