Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Home of Our Own

As you all know, our church in Nitra, Mozaika, has been pretty transient for the past couple years. From my home, to AgroInstitute, to a home, to the VBC and now to its current home, where we share the building of the Brethren Church here. This is something that has been on our pastor, Miro's heart for some time, and that is to buy land. This would end our nomadic days, giving our church stability for growth and for witness, but also to tell the city and the enemy, that we are here that we are a part of this city, and we are not going anywhere!

This endeavour is quite difficult because the Catholic church here owns more of the city than the City does! Also, because no bank will grant a non-profit organization a loan for a mortgage, we have to be creative! :) But, it seems like God is providing a way for His church. In meetings with the city planning council, we have been offered to buy a portion of land in a new development that is being built is the main residential area of the city, Klokocina. Right now, this offer has not been publicized, so, the price is very reasonable. That does not, however, include building costs. This will be a huge undertaking for our small church, but, we believe that God has provided us the favour from City officials, and this opportunity to buy.

This location would be very strategic for the Kingdom, as it will be in the heart of the residential area where most families live. It will also be across the street from a starter-home complex, where the City provides young families who are financially struggling, a home for a few years to help them get on their feet. So, we would always have families, kids and youth. Our church would be a community centre during the week, where we could have kids programs, youth hangouts, a place for mother's to come with their toddlers and much more. Since this property is quite narrow, we would need to build up, and so, we would be able to use the ground floor to host a cafe or another type of business, which would help generate revenue for us to pay off the costs of the building faster.

This is a very exciting development, but please keep us in prayer as our deadline to buy the land is the end of this calendar year.


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