Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Change of Plans

Yesterday was our final discussion club night of the semester. What we didn't realise was that the school year finished last week... so, we weren't quite sure how many people would even show up. In the end, only 1 student came. But we had 4 other people there, who were of working age. So, students or not, we still had a decent turn out. And, they were all men! Betka and I were the only females in the room! So, the girls ran the show for the guys!

Anyway, our theme was Honesty and Integrity. I am not even sure how it happened, but we started to talk about God quite directly. My colleague from the language school, Lubo, came and he always comes with a lot of questions... about everything! So, when the topic was moving onto more spiritual matters, he latched onto that and started asking about faith and Christ and how we experience God and salvation and everything in between. Our pastor, Miro, was also in attendance, and he ended up sharing his testimony and giving him a very clear presentation of the Gospel. I know that the Holy Spirit was present, because typically Lubo doesn't give you a lot of time to answer the question he's asked you, before he gives you another one! But last night, he listened and asked, and listened some more. He also seemed very touched by what he was hearing. Please pray for him, that the Holy Spirit would lead him to Himself!

Thank you for your prayers for us and for this ministry, it's because of those prayers these opportunities become available. And it is only by prayer that this will follow through!

God changed the plans on us last night, but, we didn't mind at all!

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