Monday, September 15, 2008

For now...

Thank you for your prayers regarding a place for us to meet on Sunday. Yesterday we met in the home of one of our church members, Peter and Adka Stolarik. They have a very large and very nice home, and we all managed to meet in there quite nicely. I thought we might be fewer in number, but I was told after that we had 30 adults! So praise God! The devil might try to stop what God is doing, but it's not going to happen! We had a great time of worship together: singing, praying, taking communion together, fellowship, learning more about God together. It was rich with the presence of God, and love for one another. It was great! Felt like family.

As far as next steps are concerned, we are waiting to hear back from VBC, a business centre here in town, whether or not we can rent a space from them.

Pray with us please, one thing that we, as a church are dedicating ourselves to for the next 3 weeks is to fasting and prayer for what's to happen next. Miro has a building of our own on his heart. This would be a good declaration, spiritually, to actually have a piece of land dedicated to God. As well, it would be a fabulous tool that we could use. But, as I mentioned, we will be fasting and praying for the Lord's leading in this area. A building project is a major undertaking in any corner of the world, but it is not made easier by the impossibility of getting a mortgage. No bank in Slovakia will give a mortgage to non-profit groups, or those who might would demand a 2 yr steady income statement, which we don't have. We have been our own entity since July of this year. But, we also believe that if this is the will of God for our church, finances will come.

Please continue to stand with us in prayer.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christina, The Glaslyn church has been praying for your congregational needs for a new church location. I was so happy to read that you were all able to gather on Sunday for a church service. I have learned that the Lord allows us to go through hard struggles not because he doesn't care but because these struggles bring about a much more mature faith over a given period of time. Often it is our walk of commitment to the Lord that serves as a witness tool to those who would never see answered prayer that only God can accomplish. What a miracle faith has! I encourage you to continue the walk of Faith as it will produce glory for God's kingdom with everlasting results. Take care and God Bless you, Peter and Adka Stolarik and all those who follow Christ in Nitra. Alice