Monday, February 25, 2008

Hearts, Exit and Power!

I've been asked about our Valentine's Day event... unfortunately, the only people that came were those of us from our team. But we still played the games, did the quiz and heard the testimony! It was a good night, although tinged with disappointment that it was just us. But, we press on! We are going to be thinking of new things and figuring something out! Here's hoping for March! :)

But, in other news, I was asked to be interviewed at Exit, the young adult meeting in Bratislava, about mission. It was so much fun! I just talked about my being in Slovakia, how I came to be there, changes to be adjusted to, challenges to overcome, and blessings to be enjoyed. Then I just talked about what I think mission is, in that I believe that we are ALL called to fulfill the Great Commission and that God has us where we are for a reason. If you are interested in hearing the clip, !! Be warned, it is in Slovak, but if you're interested in hearing how I'm developing in language,you might find it interesting!

Also, something quite exciting happened just last night! After church, Ludka, my friend the actress in Nitra, and Marcelka, a lawyer in BRatislava, spent the night at my house. So, we were just goofing around and talking, and we decided to finally go to sleep. Well, we thought, wouldn't it be nice to pray together before we doze off. So, on my bed, at midnightish, we began to pray blessing over each other as well as for specific needs in our lives. When all of a sudden, we started engaging in spiritual warfare and Marcelka recieved the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. How cool is that?? Needless to say, today i am a little blurry eyed, but wouldn't have it any other way!

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Anonymous said...

I don't have anything significant to say, just wanted you to know I had been reading you what you are doing, very happy for your friend Marcelka!

Debbie Fawcett