Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quite Well in Turkey

I know many of you have been watching the news, and have noticed the upset-ness in Turkey. But I thought that I would take this opportunity to let you know that there are no riots anywhere near me, and that I am perfectly safe and having a great time!

I have been at this awesome retreat since Friday and I have been having a great time! It's been a good time of connecting with other people in the region, making new friendships and strengthening existing relationships. I have to say that I have been challenged to dream bigger, and I have been quite inspired by those around me. Having a great time! Wish you could be here!

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Anonymous said...

Great video, I like the picture of you and that other girl, that was nice. I'm also glad to hear that your time in Turkey went well. You need to be careful in unsafe countries and keep your wits about you for sure! Love you.